What do we offer

A system that makes it easy to rent and ride a bike.

To rent a bicycle, the user must be registered and have a user card. He/she can use it to take a bike at any of the stations and leave it at the same or another station.

The rental of bicycles is time-limited. When registering in the system, you need to buy a user card for a period of one year. With it, bicycle rental is free, which is provided by municipalities and donor companies.




Freestanding kiosk with LCD touch screen, user interface for registration and/or rental, bicycles, locking system and urban furniture.


Finances the purchase, installation and operation of the system and ensures the maintenance and proper supervision. Also takes care of marketing and informing end users.


Installs the system, ensures it smooth operations and provides support in case of technical problems. Also provides hardware and software upgrade. Offers unlimited consultancy to the client and shares knowledge and experience.


The last link in the chain that will regularly use the bicycle rental system. For its proper operation, each user must be familiar with the conditions of use, the intended use and the instructions for use.


Classic Smart City Bikes bicycle

– city bike, size 26″,

– lightweight aluminum frame,

– at least three gears,

– mandatory basic equipment (front and rear brake, light, bell, basket, fenders),

– adjustable seat with anti-theft protection and

– durable components that can be easily repaired and / or replaced.

Specially designed and upgraded for everyday use in the Automated Bike Sharing System.


Electric Smart City Bikes bicycle

– engine power up to 250 W, speed limited to a maximum of 25 km/h (legal limitation for electric bicycles),

– modern Li-ion battery (capacity of at least 10 Ah),

– protected battery case against theft or vandalism,

– automatic charging after its return at the station.

Specially designed and upgraded for everyday use in the Automated Bike Sharing System.

Types of bikes