Cooperate with us

We offer our clients consulting services during preparation, implementation and  operation of the Automated Bike Sharing System. The use of our software requires the payment of an annual licensing fee. In exchange they receive regular system upgrades, server support, administrator support, and system security.


  • locks
  • kiosks / terminals
  • modified bicycles
  • station framework


The system application is fully owned by company MM Ibis. An annual licensing fee is payable for its use.


Within the 2-year warranty company MM Ibis d.o.o. takes care of any defects caused by manufacturing errors.

With the purchase of our system, you become its owner and manager.
Smart City Bikes advises and helps you at each step along the way.
  • You can set up the concept of system, its external image, conditions of use, and system-user relationship.
  • You will decide on prices and potential subsidies, and set a long-term strategy of operation and expansion.
  • You will be responsible for issuing cards to users, charging them membership fees and providing them with information.
  • You will take care of maintaining bicycles and moving them between stations or conclude an agreement with AMZS.